20-Year-Old Woman Allegedly Gang-Raped by Three Men in Imo State

20-Year-Old Woman Allegedly Gang-Raped by Three Men in Imo State

In Owerri, Imo State, a distressing incident unfolded as three men, identified as Ceder, Obinna, and Divine, allegedly gang-raped a 20-year-old woman between November 18 and 19. The survivor’s ordeal began when the suspects purportedly hacked into her friend’s WhatsApp account, using it to lure her to a location.

The suspects reportedly confiscated the survivor’s phone, issuing threats to kill her if she didn’t comply. Shockingly, despite her menstruation at the time, the perpetrators proceeded to rape her. Distraught and violated, the survivor confided in a male friend upon returning home.

The concerned friend mobilized a group of young men who managed to apprehend two of the suspects, Ceder and Obinna. However, the third suspect, Divine, managed to escape. Subsequently, the apprehended suspects were handed over to the Imo State Police.

Notably, the X user who shared the account expressed concern over one of the suspects, alleging that he had been previously arrested and released by the police last month in connection with another rape case. The X user did not specify the suspect’s identity or details of the previous case.

The survivor, deeply affected by the traumatic experience, sought medical attention, undergoing tests due to the unprotected assault. The X user, however, voiced concerns about potential bribery, fearing that the suspects might attempt to secure their release from detention.

The post additionally highlighted the suspect’s mother persistently reaching out to the survivor, pleading for forgiveness. Interestingly, the wife of the second suspect took a different stance, reportedly urging the police to send her husband to prison, citing his perceived irresponsibility. The unfolding events underscore the urgent need for justice and a thorough investigation into the disturbing incident.


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