Crash of US Military Aircraft off Southern Japan’s Coast

Crash of US Military Aircraft off Southern Japan's Coast

A US military Osprey aircraft crashed into the sea off the southern coast of Japan, with the wreckage and a deployed lifeboat discovered, as reported by Japan’s coastguard on Wednesday. The incident, involving an Osprey carrying eight crew members, occurred near the island of Yakushima, south of Kyushu, prompting an emergency call from a nearby fishing boat. The coastguard received the distress call at 2:47 pm local time, confirming the presence of eight crew members on board. The aircraft, departing from Iwakuni US base and headed for Kadena base in Okinawa, vanished from radar screens at 2:40 pm, with witnesses noting a potential engine fire.

Japanese broadcaster NHK reported that fishing boats in the vicinity rushed to the scene and located three crew members. The US forces in the region are currently gathering information on the incident, according to a spokesperson. The CV-22 Osprey belonged to the US Yokota airbase in Tokyo. Ministry of Defense sources informed NHK that the aircraft, which departed from the Yamaguchi region’s Iwakuni US base, was en route to the Kadena base in Okinawa.


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