Dutch Van Der Vorst First World Boxing President

Dutch Van Der Vorst First World Boxing President

Boris van der Vorst secured a historic victory as the first president of World Boxing during the inaugural Congress in Frankfurt, Germany. Outshining USA Boxing’s Elise Seignolle with 63 percent of the vote in a gathering attended by 26 out of 27 members, the Dutchman earned a two-year term.

The genesis of World Boxing traces back to April 2023 when, amid disputes between the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Boxing Association (IBA), key nations, including Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland, and the Netherlands, united with the USA and Great Britain to establish World Boxing. This move aimed to safeguard boxing’s integral role in the Olympic movement. In response, IBA filed formal proceedings against the federations, branding them a “rogue body.”

By June, the IOC expelled IBA from the Olympic movement, citing financial impropriety and governance issues, jeopardizing boxing’s Olympic future. While IBA appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS), World Boxing seized the opportunity to fill the void, aspiring to gain IOC recognition as the new custodians of Olympic boxing, starting with Los Angeles 2028 and beyond.

Expressing humility and honor, newly elected President Boris van der Vorst outlined his commitment to integrity, honesty, and trust in his victory speech. He emphasized the top priority of ensuring boxing’s central position in the Olympic Movement and looked forward to collaborating with the newly elected board and member National Federations to achieve this goal.


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