Governor Adeleke Missing After Mishandling N140bn in Osun

Governor Adeleke Missing After Mishandling N140bn in Osun

Governor Adeleke of Osun State has come under scrutiny, with the All Progressives Congress (APC) accusing him of mismanaging over N130 billion in the past year. The APC claims that the governor has absconded from the state, avoiding accountability for his administration’s alleged incompetence and lack of transparency. According to the APC chairman, Tajudeen Lawal, Adeleke has failed to fulfill his promise of transforming Osun into another Dubai, citing mismanagement of funds and lack of provision for economic hardships faced by the people.

In response, the Governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Olawale Rasheed, dismissed the accusations, attributing them to the opposition’s bitterness over electoral defeat. Rasheed highlighted the administration’s achievements in various sectors, including road reconstruction, school rehabilitation, and water projects. He asserted that the opposition is reluctant to acknowledge the positive changes the government is making in the state.

The controversy also surrounds Governor Adeleke’s recent international travels, with conflicting explanations emerging. While Adeleke’s Chief Press Secretary cited the governor’s need for a vacation, critics argue that it may be linked to his knee surgery three weeks ago. The APC seized the opportunity to criticize the governor’s absence, alleging that it hinders him from being accountable to the people.

The political tension underscores the challenges faced by Adeleke’s administration in navigating public perception and addressing concerns raised by the opposition. The accusations of mismanagement and the governor’s absence have fueled a broader discourse on governance and accountability in Osun State.


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