Inferno Drainer Shuts Down ‘Operations’ Following $71 Million Heist

Inferno Drainer Shuts Down 'Operations' Following $71 Million Heist

In a surprising turn of events, Inferno Drainer, a notorious wallet-draining service, has declared an abrupt halt to its operations, effective immediately. The service gained infamy earlier this spring when reports on the Scam Sniffer telegram revealed its malevolent activities, assisting malicious actors in pilfering funds from unsuspecting wallets in exchange for a substantial 20% commission.

Initially, Scam Sniffer reported nearly 5,000 individuals falling victim to Inferno Drainer, resulting in losses amounting to almost $6 million. The modus operandi of the service typically involved cloning the websites of projects identified by contacts on Telegram. Once ensnared, Inferno’s phishing software systematically drained the targeted wallets, with 80% of the loot going to the collaborating accomplice.

As the scope of the operation widened, blockchain explorers now attribute over $71 million in stolen funds to the nefarious activities of Inferno Drainer. Astonishingly, the admin of the drainer claims the actual figure surpasses $80 million.

If the malware providers’ claims hold true, the team orchestrating the wallet-draining scheme has amassed an illicit profit of approximately $16 million in just six months. Choosing to exit the stage before facing repercussions, the hackers announced the permanent closure of their service via Telegram.

True to the nature of such individuals, the post exuded the usual gallows humor and sardonic tone seen in communications from hackers. “The end of the craziest journey. Inferno Drainer is shutting down. It has been a long ride with all of you, and we’d like to thank you from the heart. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. After draining over $80 million, we decided to shut down; it’s time for us to move on. […] A big thank you to everyone who has worked with us, such as Drakan and every other customer. We hope you can remember us as the best drainer that has ever existed and that we succeeded in helping you in the quest for making money.”

The post emphasized the service’s permanent closure and warned that any purported contact on behalf of the service would be a scam attempt. While Inferno Drainer may have ceased its operations, other competing services continue to pose a threat, serving as a stark reminder to practice basic operational security when engaging with others in the digital realm.


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