Insecurity in Sierra Leone Leads to Abduction of Prisoners

Insecurity in Sierra Leone Leads to Abduction of Prisoners

Sierra Leone’s Minister of Information and Civic Education, Chernor Bah, confirmed a security breach on Sunday morning, revealing that some prisoners were abducted during the incident. The breach was reportedly a failed attempt by unidentified individuals to break into a military armoury in the capital, Freetown. In response to the situation, the government declared a nationwide curfew to prevent further security challenges.

Chernor Bah provided updates on the situation, stating that the prisons were overrun during the breach, with some prisoners abducted and others released by the assailants. Security forces have pushed the attackers to the outskirts of the city, specifically in the Jui area, where engagements are ongoing.

Major detention centers, including the Pademba Road Prisons, were targeted earlier in the day. To protect civilian lives, the security forces made a tactical retreat. Despite these challenges, Bah assured that most of the city is calm and under the control of state security forces. He emphasized that efforts are underway to defeat and apprehend those responsible for the attacks, and the curfew remains in effect.

The security breach in Sierra Leone is occurring against the backdrop of political uncertainty in several West and Central African countries, marked by the resurgence of military coups. Sierra Leone experienced a similar situation in August, two months after a disputed presidential election, leading to the arrest of senior military officials accused of undermining the peace and stability of the state.

President Julius Bio acknowledged the recent development, emphasizing the government’s commitment to protecting the peace and security of Sierra Leone. He expressed determination to safeguard democracy in the country and called for unity among Sierra Leoneans in this collective responsibility.


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