LP Alleges Supreme Court Denial of Fair Hearing to Obi by Merging Appeal with PDP’s

LP Alleges Supreme Court Denial of Fair Hearing to Obi by Merging Appeal with PDP's

The Labour Party (LP) has expressed dismay over the Supreme Court’s alleged denial of fair hearing to its presidential candidate, Peter Obi, by merging his appeal with that of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) against the judgment of the Appeal Court in the February 25 poll.

In a statement on Tuesday signed by the party’s national secretary, Umar Ibrahim, the LP described this development as embarrassing. Ibrahim highlighted that the Supreme Court issued a hearing notice on October 25, 2023, notifying the LP and Peter Obi about the judgment in their appeal, scheduled for October 26, 2023.

On the said date, the LP and its legal representatives were present in court. However, the Supreme Court proceeded to read the judgment in the PDP’s appeal (Appeal No. SC/CV/935/2023) and verbally stated that the decision in the LP’s appeal (Appeal No. SC/CV/937/2023) would abide by the judgment delivered in the PDP appeal.

The LP expressed extraordinary shock and deemed the Supreme Court’s position unprecedented and unacceptable. The party outlined several reasons for its discontent:

  1. The appeals filed by the PDP and LP were distinct, arising from separate judgments at the Court of Appeal.
  2. The appeals were not consolidated at the Supreme Court and were heard separately.
  3. No agreement, directive, or order was given for the judgment in one appeal to abide by the decision in the other.
  4. The facts, issues, and submissions in the two appeals were notably different.

The LP emphasized that the Supreme Court’s failure to provide duly authenticated copies of its judgment within the stipulated seven days, as required by Section 294(1) of the Constitution, added to their concerns. The party concluded that the Supreme Court’s conduct constituted an unprecedented breach of its constitutional right to a fair hearing.


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