Man Lynched for Beheading Mother over Ugali Dispute

Man Lynched for Beheading Mother over Ugali Dispute

In Gaturo village, Murang’a county, a tragic incident unfolded on Saturday as villagers took justice into their own hands, lynching a man shortly after he killed his mother in a dispute over a plate of food. The family revealed that the 68-year-old mother, Magdalene Wangechi, had prepared bananas when her 36-year-old son, Patrick Irungu, demanded a serving of ugali. The disagreement escalated, and Irungu, described as a substance abuse addict, seized a machete, beheading his mother.

The commotion and a scream alerted neighbors, who rushed to the scene. They found Wangechi lying in a pool of blood, with Irungu nearby. Shocked, the neighbors pursued Irungu as he attempted to escape. Capturing him in a nearby thicket, they subjected him to mob justice, resulting in his death. When apprehended, Irungu had already disposed of the murder weapon, leaving Scene of Crime officers unable to recover it.

The bodies were later transported to Murang’a County Funeral home, leaving the family mourning the loss of two members. The local administrator, Mr. Murungi, condemned the act, urging the public not to take the law into their own hands. Maragua Assistant County Commissioner, Mr. Joshua Okello, deemed the incident unfortunate, attributing it to substance abuse on the part of the assailant. He emphasized ongoing efforts to combat drug abuse and collaborate with relevant agencies for rehabilitation.


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