Mohbad’s Untimely Demise: A Month Before Reuniting in Matrimony with His Mother

Mohbad's Untimely Demise A Month Before Reuniting in Matrimony with His Mother

Mr. Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer Mohbad, has opened up about the heart-wrenching circumstances surrounding his son’s passing and a poignant request that preceded it. In a recent interview, Mr. Aloba revealed that his late son had expressed a heartfelt desire for his parents to reconcile and remarry.

Recalling the day he learned about Mohbad’s health condition, Mr. Aloba shared that he received a call from his ex-wife, with whom he had maintained an amicable relationship at the behest of their late son. Mohbad, eager to see his parents together, had envisioned a proper wedding for them. Touched by his son’s wishes, Mr. Aloba had agreed to the idea.

Tragically, just a month before the planned wedding, Mohbad passed away. “Mohbad’s mother called me that your son is sick and at the hospital. We were in good terms; it was a month to the wedding he wanted to do for me and his mother. He is a child I love, and it was what he wanted me to do. He said the stress of meeting us at different locations was stressful,” Mr. Aloba shared during the interview.

This poignant revelation sheds light on the emotional journey of a father grappling with the loss of his son and the unfulfilled dream of a family reunited through the vision of a loving child.


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