Niger Republic Adopts Mega Solar Power Solution Following Nigeria’s Disruption of Electricity Supply

Niger Republic Adopts Mega Solar Power Solution Following Nigeria's Disruption of Electricity Supply

In response to Nigeria’s suspension of energy exports following the July coup in Niger, which led to a 70% power loss, Niger has successfully initiated its mega solar power plant to address the energy crisis. The solar facility, built by a French consortium, boasts over 55,000 solar panels and can generate 30 megawatts of electricity. Although initially planned for August, the solar plant’s launch was delayed due to the coup, but since its inauguration on July 5, it has significantly improved power supply in Niger’s capital and other towns.

While the French Embassy in Mali acknowledges the successful launch of the solar power plant, it issues a cautionary note about potential operational risks, indicating that the project could not be finalized under the initially planned conditions. Despite challenges, Niger’s Energy Minister, Mahaman Moustapha Barke, reported a dramatic improvement in power supply since the solar plant’s completion, crediting the efforts of technical staff who ensured its success.

The energy gap resulting from Nigeria’s withdrawal has not been the sole challenge for Niger, as international sanctions have also led to the World Bank halting disbursements to the country. The border closure between Nigeria and Niger further jeopardizes the estimated annual $226.34 million trade between the two nations, posing additional economic risks.”


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