Northern Senators Urge Tinubu to Reinstate Power Supply to Niger Republic

Northern Senators Urge Tinubu to Reinstate Power Supply to Niger Republic

Senators representing the Northern region have issued a plea to President Bola Tinubu, urging the restoration of electricity to Niger Republic. The Northern Senators Forum (NSF) conveyed this request along with a call for the military junta in Niger to return the nation to democratic governance. The senators, led by NSF Chairman Abdul Ningi, expressed their stance in a communique issued after their meeting in Abuja.

The appeal follows Nigeria’s decision, about four months ago, to cut off power supply to Niger Republic as part of sanctions imposed on the coupists in the country. Abdul Ningi, the senator representing Bauchi Central and former deputy senate leader, conveyed the forum’s message to journalists, emphasizing their condemnation of the coup in Niger.

The senators called on President Tinubu and ECOWAS Chairman to restore electricity to Niger Republic as a humanitarian gesture. Additionally, they urged the military junta to release deposed President Mohamed Bazoun and his family from detention and facilitate the restoration of democracy. The NSF vehemently condemned military interventions in democratic spaces within West Africa and requested the junta in Niger to implement a transition timetable not exceeding two years.

In a broader context, the forum appealed to ECOWAS to lift restrictions on Niger Republic to mitigate the impact on border communities, emphasizing the shared brotherhood and partnership between Niger and Nigeria. The senators underscored the importance of maintaining solidarity with fellow Africans and preventing adverse consequences akin to the situation in Gaza.


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