Oladips Upset by Qdot’s Unauthorized Health Disclosure

Oladips Upset by Qdot's Unauthorized Health Disclosure

Nigerian rapper Oladips has criticized his fellow artist Qdot for prematurely declaring him alive on social media when his family was still uncertain about his well-being. After recent rumors circulated about Oladips’ death, Qdot refuted them on Instagram. Oladips, still recovering, expressed frustration over Qdot’s public denial of his death, especially since they hadn’t communicated since January 2, 2022. He emphasized the gravity of the situation he faced and vowed to share the details when he felt better, citing evidence to support his claims. Additionally, Oladips addressed another individual who falsely suggested he was alive and well, revealing that the accompanying video was recorded over two years ago. He pledged to teach the person a lesson for misleading the public about his death through what seemed like a prank involving Turkey and rice.

Oladips Upset by Qdot's Unauthorized Health Disclosure


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