Palestinians in Gaza Demand Permanent Ceasefire Amid Truce Extension

Palestinians in Gaza Demand Permanent Ceasefire Amid Truce Extension

In the Gaza Strip’s Deir el-Balah, Ayman Harb, a father of three, endured a month of war in Shujayea before deciding to flee due to the threat to his son with cerebral palsy. Hoping for a truce to become a lasting ceasefire, Harb now resides in central Gaza, emphasizing the urgency of returning home. The recent two-day extension of the truce, brokered by Qatar, provided a brief reprieve for families, but the underlying suffering and displacement of Gaza’s 2.3 million people persist.

The ceasefire facilitated the exchange of Israeli captives and Palestinian prisoners, temporarily calming the skies over Gaza. However, the UN reports 1.6 million people displaced, with attempts to return home met with sniper fire. Families like Harb’s face challenging conditions, living in tents and depending on aid for essentials. Despite the cessation of bombings, the plea remains for a truce that ensures a dignified return home, as many express a desire to rebuild their lives. Imm Shadi al-Taher, displaced from Tall az-Zaatar, longs to bury her siblings under the rubble of her destroyed home. The toll on dignity and pride is evident as displaced individuals grapple with destitution and an uncertain future.

Ayman Harb, who was injured after Israeli warplanes targeted a market in Shujaiyeh, was forced to flee to central Gaza Strip with his family who are living in a tent for displaced people

While the truce offers some relief from the constant threat of drones and warplanes, its temporary nature raises concerns for those displaced. Noor Saadeh, a mother of two, questions the point of a truce if it doesn’t facilitate a return to normalcy. With winter approaching, displaced families worry about their makeshift living conditions. The Gaza media government office reports thousands missing and presumed dead under the rubble, adding to the grim toll of casualties since October 7. For those like Saadeh, the desire remains for a return to their old lives and homes, emphasizing the need for a sustainable solution beyond temporary ceasefires.


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