Passengers Share Experiences After Lagos-Abuja Flight Unexpectedly Lands in Delta

Passengers Share Experiences After Lagos-Abuja Flight Unexpectedly Lands in Delta

Several passengers on a flight from Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos to Abuja found themselves in confusion when the plane unexpectedly landed at Asaba Airport in Delta State. Despite the landing in Asaba, the crew initially announced to the passengers that they had arrived in Abuja, leading to bewilderment and concerns among travelers. The incident caused speculation and even raised questions about a potential hijacking. The confusion was eventually explained by the pilot, who admitted to having the wrong flight plan and assured passengers that they would proceed to Abuja shortly.

Passenger Thelma shared her disbelief, taking pictures as evidence, while Kano politician Dawisu Yakasai revealed on social media that the pilot had been given the wrong flight plan. The airline, United Nigeria Airlines, later clarified that the flight was temporarily diverted to Asaba due to poor weather conditions at the intended destination. The airline acknowledged the confusion caused by a wrong announcement from the cabin crew. Passengers eventually reached Abuja later in the evening.

In response to recent safety concerns in the aviation sector, Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Festus Keyamo, summoned the heads of aviation regulatory agencies. The minister expressed the need for a thorough assessment of recent incidents to ensure passenger safety and address any issues contributing to confusion and concerns in the sector.


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