Police and SSS Neutralize Enugu’s 3-Man PoS Robbery Gang

Police and SSS Neutralize Enugu's 3-Man PoS Robbery Gang

Police and Department of State Services operatives successfully neutralized a three-member robbery gang in Enugu on Sunday known for targeting Point of Sale (POS) operators.

Enugu State Police spokesperson, DSP Daniel Ndukwe, confirmed that the gang met their fate in a gunfire exchange, leading to the recovery of their weapons, including two locally-made pistols, six rounds of 0.9mm calibre ammunition, and a sum of N500,000.

Additionally, various materials related to POS transactions, mobile phones, wallets, bags, and suspected mystical items were seized from the gang. Reports revealed that the criminals had previously robbed multiple POS operators and their clients at gunpoint across different locations in Enugu.

The armed gang struck at various spots in Enugu around 1 p.m., targeting POS operators, seizing the now-recovered items. However, upon noticing security operatives, they engaged in a shootout, prompting the officers’ swift response resulting in the neutralization of the three culprits.

Furthermore, victims positively identified the attackers, aiding ongoing investigations to uncover any other members of the criminal outfit.


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