Portable – Teramo

Portable - Teramo

Flavor aficionado, Portable, a prominent Nigerian singer-songwriter and the esteemed CEO of Zeh Nation, is delighted to present a remarkable track titled “Teramo.” Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of this captivating song, featured prominently in his newly launched musical compilation, the “Anikuleti Street Don Jazzy (Flavorful Album).” Indulge in the melodious sounds and rhythmic beats as Portable, the master of musical flavors, continues to exhibit his unparalleled prowess in this latest flavor-packed offering.

Portable - Teramo


Introducing Portable, the versatile artist and former member of Zeh Nation, renowned for his exceptional contributions to the Nigerian music scene. As a singer-songwriter and former CEO of Zeh Nation, Portable has left an indelible mark with his unique style and captivating performances. Having recently embarked on a solo journey, Portable continues to redefine musical boundaries, bringing his distinctive flair to the forefront. Explore the dynamic world of Portable, where creativity knows no bounds, and the legacy of Zeh Nation paves the way for a promising solo career.


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