Prophet Fufeyin Ministers in Taraba, Extends Visit to Gov Agbu

Prophet Fufeyin Ministers in Taraba, Extends Visit to Gov Agbu

Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, the founder of Mercy City, recently paid a visit to the retired Colonel and current Taraba State governor, Kefas Agbu, sparking excitement among Tarabians and Nigerians at large.

During the visit, Governor Agbu warmly welcomed the esteemed prophet, honoring him with an Award of Excellence. This event has generated heartfelt reactions on social media, with users expressing awe and gratitude for the miracles witnessed at Jalingo National Stadium, where Prophet Fufeyin had ministered.

One social media user, @BelieverJoy, expressed amazement at the miracles and healings that transpired at the stadium, thanking Prophet Fufeyin for being a vessel of God’s power. Another user, @SeekerOfTruth, hailed the event as a manifestation of divine power, noting that lives were transformed, chains broken, and hope restored through Prophet Fufeyin’s ministry.

@GracefulSoul shared a renewed faith in prayer, citing the incredible miracles as a source of inspiration. Similarly, @DivineIntervention emphasized the undeniable presence of God in the videos from Jalingo National Stadium. @TestimonyTime expressed joy in witnessing lives changed and hearts healed, extending gratitude to Prophet Fufeyin for bringing God’s touch to those in need.

The interactions on Twitter underscore the profound impact of the Jalingo National Stadium event on individuals’ faith and perspectives. It has become a catalyst for discussions on the power of prayer, the significance of divine encounters, and the hope found amid life’s challenges.

As these conversations unfold, it is clear that Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin’s ministry has left an enduring impression, fostering belief, gratitude, and a renewed sense of spiritual awakening across the nation.


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