Relatives of Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash Victims Call for a New Investigation

Relatives of Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash Victims Call for a New Investigation

Families of Chinese passengers who perished in the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 nearly a decade ago are urging a fresh investigation as their appeal for compensation unfolds in a Beijing court. The ill-fated flight vanished on March 8, 2014, with 239 people on board, predominantly Chinese citizens traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Over 40 families have initiated legal action against entities including Malaysia Airlines, Boeing, Rolls Royce, and the Allianz insurance group, primarily seeking compensation and a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances surrounding the plane’s disappearance.

The search for MH370 in the vast Indian Ocean yielded minimal results, leading to the suspension of the Australian-led operation in January 2017. Undeterred, the grieving families have penned an open letter to Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, advocating for a renewed search effort on a “No find, No fee” basis. Expressing a willingness to invest their own resources or collaborate with capable individuals and companies, they emphasize effective communication with the Malaysian government to initiate a new search.

Outside the courtroom, tearful relatives share poignant stories of their loved ones, holding signs that read “restart the search” and “open, fair, impartial.” One bereaved mother, Bao Lanfang, emphasizes the pursuit of truth over monetary compensation, urging Malaysia Airlines to resume the investigation. China’s foreign ministry expresses the nation’s keen interest in ongoing efforts to resolve the MH370 mystery.

The Chinese court’s jurisdiction over compensation claims remains uncertain, with each family seeking civil compensation ranging from 10 million to 80 million yuan, along with moral damages of 30 million to 40 million yuan. While some families have reached settlements, over 110 others press on with their legal pursuit.

Despite freezing temperatures, relatives gather outside the court, with one expressing hope that the legal proceedings mark a turning point after the unbearable decade of uncertainty. The unsolved mystery of MH370, marked by failed theories and inconclusive reports, continues to haunt the families who await justice and closure.

Relatives of Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash Victims Call for a New Investigation


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