Shakira Compelled to Pay Additional Funds Due to Tax Fraud Investigation

Shakira has been entangled in a prolonged tax investigation, hoping to put it behind her after recently appearing in court and paying a substantial $27 million to mitigate her tax fraud charges. However, according to TMZ, she’s facing another financial hit, adding an extra $7.2 million to her payments. TMZ speculates it could be an additional settlement or a bond payment, raising her total payment in this ordeal to approximately $34 million.

Initially confronted with the threat of an 8-year prison term due to alleged tax evasion during 2012-2014, Shakira’s woes persist. Despite rumored attempts to relocate from Spain to Miami after the investigation emerged, she couldn’t escape the legal repercussions back home, as per reports from close associates.

The singer also took public jabs at her ex, Gerard Pique, and his new partner earlier this year. At Billboard’s Latin Women in Music event, she threw shade at Pique, following up with critical remarks about his new relationship. Despite ongoing rumors linking her to various personalities, no confirmed relationships have surfaced. How do you perceive Shakira’s additional $7 million payment atop her initial settlement? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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