Tesla Sues Sweden Over Alleged Postal Workers’ License Plate Blockade

Tesla Sues Sweden Over Alleged Postal Workers' License Plate Blockade

Tesla has taken legal action against the Swedish Transport Agency, alleging discrimination, after postal workers reportedly obstructed the delivery of license plates for new Tesla vehicles, according to APO News. The lawsuit contends that the agency’s failure to facilitate access to registration plates constitutes an “unlawful discriminatory attack directed at Tesla.” As a globally non-unionized entity, Tesla is challenging the Swedish government’s actions, seeking resolution through legal means. Mikael Andersson, spokesperson for the agency, acknowledged the lawsuit but stated that the agency had not yet reviewed the details. He emphasized Tesla’s right to bring the matter to court, and the agency awaits the district court’s examination of the case to express its stance. This legal dispute underscores the challenges faced by Tesla in navigating regulatory and administrative hurdles as it expands its presence in various global markets.


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