The Army Headquarters denounces assault on soldiers amidst demonstration

The Nigerian Army strongly condemns the unprovoked attack on troops and patrol vehicles by protesters along the Lafia-Makurdi road in Nasarawa State on Tuesday.

Brig.-Gen. Onyema Nwachukwu, the Director of Army Public Relations, refuted the protesters’ claims that the troops’ convoy deliberately collided with them. He emphasized that available video evidence showed the troops handling the crowd dispersal professionally, prioritizing citizen safety and protecting public infrastructure.

While acknowledging citizens’ right to peaceful protests, Nwachukwu stressed that such demonstrations must adhere to the law and ensure safety for everyone involved. He highlighted that resorting to violence, damaging public property, and assaulting security personnel contradicts the essence of peaceful protest.

The protesters obstructed the major highway, causing severe traffic congestion and targeting troops’ patrol vehicles amid their demonstration following a Court of Appeal judgment on the state’s gubernatorial election.

Expressing concern, Nwachukwu noted disappointment that the same protesters who attacked troops now falsely accused them to justify their actions. He reiterated that the troops were deployed to maintain law and order while safeguarding citizens and public assets.

The Army spokesperson underscored that the troops were acting under strict rules of engagement to prevent further violence and maintain peace. He emphasized that the protesters’ violent actions, including hurling stones at troops and attacking their vehicles, endangered the soldiers’ lives.

Encouraging restraint and peaceful dialogue, Nwachukwu urged protesters, community leaders, and stakeholders to promote peace and harmony. He assured the public of the Army’s commitment to remaining apolitical and ensuring the safety of all citizens.

Emphasizing the importance of accurate reporting, he urged the media and the public to verify information before dissemination, fostering a peaceful and prosperous Nigeria through collaborative efforts.


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