Thunderstorm Claims Four Lives in Nasarawa Community

Thunderstorm Claims Four Lives in Nasarawa Community

A thunderstorm in Nasarawa claimed the lives of four individuals and left several others critically injured. The incident occurred at Nasarawa garage in the Nasarawa Local Government Area on Saturday. Eyewitnesses reported a loud rumble and bright light, causing panic and a rush to seek shelter. Subsequently, it was discovered that three people had tragically lost their lives due to the lightning strike. The injured individuals were rushed to an undisclosed hospital in the state for urgent medical attention.

Mabudi, an eyewitness, described the event as the most intense and scary thunderstrike he had ever witnessed. The lightning struck a gathering under a tree, leading to the fatalities. Hajarat Danyaro Ibrahim, the Honorable member representing Nasarawa Central constituency, expressed heartfelt condolences to the affected families. In an official statement, Ibrahim said, “We commiserate with the families of those who lost their lives and sustained various degrees of injuries as a result of the thunder strike in Nasarawa Garage/Mechanic workshop Nasarawa Local Government.” She extended prayers for the departed souls and strength for the affected families to cope with the loss.


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