Tinubu accused of sidelining North-central in federal appointments

The North-central Development Initiative has raised concerns about President Bola Tinubu’s administration, alleging the exclusion of North-central natives from key federal appointments. Speaking at a press conference in Abuja, Coordinator Musa Otigba criticized Tinubu’s tenure, stating that since assuming office in May, the North-central zone, encompassing Benue, Nasarawa, Kwara, Niger, Plateau, Kogi, and the Federal Capital Territory, has been notably absent from significant government appointments.

Otigba highlighted the absence of North-central representation in vital roles within government agencies and departments under Tinubu’s leadership. He emphasized the disparity in top cabinet positions, key agency heads, and various departmental leaders, claiming that these appointments favored one region over the North-central zone. Furthermore, he criticized these decisions, citing violations of federal character principles and democratic values.

Expressing disappointment on behalf of the North-central region’s constituents who supported the APC/Tinubu administration during elections, Otigba stressed the region’s capability to skillfully lead various federal agencies, urging President Tinubu to rectify this oversight. He emphasized the need for fair representation in strategic agencies such as NIMASA, NPA, NNPC Limited, BCDA, SEC, FERMA, NEMA, RMAFC, NPC, PSC, among others, aligning with the capabilities of other regions.

Otigba appealed to President Tinubu to address this imbalance, emphasizing the region’s rightful place in the administration. Additionally, he called upon the APC to address and resolve the issue of marginalization faced by the North-central region.


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