Tragedy Strikes as Intoxicated Groom Shoots Wife, Resulting in 5 Fatalities at Wedding

Tragedy Strikes as Intoxicated Groom Shoots Wife, Resulting in 5 Fatalities at Wedding

In a devastating wedding massacre in Wang Nam Khieo, Thailand, five lives were tragically lost as a groom, identified as Chaturong Suksuk, a 29-year-old Paralympic athlete, allegedly shot his newlywed wife, mother-in-law, and guests before turning the gun on himself. The incident occurred around 11:25 pm during a wedding celebration for Chaturong and his bride, Kanchana Pachunthuek, 44.


Witnesses reported that the groom, visibly upset after an argument with his bride about insecurities related to his disability, stormed out of the venue and returned with a 9mm pistol, opening fire on the wedding party. The victims included the bride, her 62-year-old mother, Kingthong Klajorho, and her 38-year-old sister, Kornika Manator. Stray bullets also hit two other guests, resulting in one death and one serious injury.

Chaturong, a former soldier and Paralympic silver medalist in swimming, ultimately took his own life by shooting himself in the mouth. Emergency crews found bodies scattered across the dance floor upon their arrival, with the scene depicting a tragic aftermath of the shooting.

While the exact motive is yet to be determined, witnesses suggested that Chaturong’s insecurities about his disability and fears of his wife leaving him for other men may have fueled the deadly confrontation. The groom had reportedly purchased the gun and ammunition legally the previous year.

The devastating incident occurred just days after the Thai Prime Minister signed an order to halt the issuance of gun licenses for a year, aiming to address the country’s high rates of gun ownership and gun-related violence. This tragic event underscores the ongoing challenges surrounding gun violence and mental health issues in various parts of the world.


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