US Dispatches Three Military Aircraft to Provide Aid to Gaza

US Dispatches Three Military Aircraft to Provide Aid to Gaza

In a demonstration of support for the people of Gaza, the United States is set to dispatch three military aircraft to Egypt starting Tuesday. The humanitarian aid, marking the first such effort by the US military since the conflict ignited with Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7, will include essential supplies such as food, medical resources, and winter gear. President Joe Biden, seizing the extension of the truce between Israel and Hamas, emphasized the intention to enhance aid delivery to Gaza.

Senior US officials announced the relief flights, praising the distinctive capabilities of the US military facilitating the mission. The deliveries are scheduled to land in North Sinai, Egypt, bordering the Gaza Strip, on Tuesday. The United Nations will then oversee the transfer of aid into Gaza from the North Sinai region. Two additional relief flights are anticipated in the coming days to meet the escalating demand for humanitarian assistance.

While the truce extension was declared by Qatar to span 48 hours, easing the release of hostages seized by Hamas, President Biden acknowledged the significant surge in aid during the truce. Despite deploying military assets in the region, including two aircraft carriers to deter Iran, the US had not previously utilized military means for delivering humanitarian aid during the conflict.

Concerns were raised about potential mass displacements in southern Gaza following the warning by President Biden to Israel. The conflict began when Hamas breached Gaza’s militarized border on October 7, resulting in a forceful Israeli response. Israel claims 1,200 casualties, primarily civilians, and around 240 hostages, while Hamas contends that Israel’s campaign has led to 15,000 deaths, including thousands of children. The truce extension provides a window for intensified aid efforts amid ongoing international endeavors to prolong the pause in hostilities.


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