Zenith Bank Ignites Festive Cheer, Illuminates Ajose Adeogun

Zenith Bank Ignites Festive Cheer, Illuminates Ajose Adeogun

Zenith Bank Embraces Christmas Season by Illuminating Ajose Adeogun Street

Zenith Bank welcomed the festive spirit by lighting up Ajose Adeogun Street and Roundabout in Victoria Island, Lagos. The illumination ceremony, led by the bank’s Group Managing Director/CEO, Dr. Ebenezer Onyeagwu, marked the 17th annual Light-Up Ceremony, a Corporate Social Responsibility endeavor.

This initiative, serving as a spectacle for the Yuletide season, transformed the entire stretch of Ajose Adeogun Street into a vibrant display. The street’s embellishment has become a renowned tourist attraction, drawing visitors to capture the stunning scenery, especially at night.

Dr. Onyeagwu, during the event, emphasized the essence of Christmas—peace, love, forgiveness, and respect for humanity. He highlighted the hope for peace in homes, businesses, and the nation, activating the Christmas spirit with the illumination alongside Mrs. Kay Ovia, the wife of the bank’s Founder and Chairman.

Quantum Markets, responsible for the annual decorations, received commendation for their exceptional creativity. Dr. Onyeagwu applauded their work, stating that the spectacle surpassed Christmas lights seen globally.

Zenith Bank’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility extends beyond financial metrics. With a total CSR investment of NGN1.67 billion in 2022 (representing 0.75% of its Profit After Tax), the bank aligns with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its initiatives encompass health, education, women/youth empowerment, sports development, and infrastructure enhancement.

The bank actively supports educational institutions by establishing modern ICT centers and contributes to healthcare and sports development in Nigeria. Recognized for its societal contributions, Zenith Bank received awards for sustainability and responsibility, affirming its commitment to community development and philanthropy.


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