Chaos Ensues as SSS and NSCDC Confrontation Unfolds at Edo Hospital

Chaos Ensues as SSS and NSCDC Confrontation Unfolds at Edo Hospital

In Benin City, Edo State’s capital, a potential disaster unfolded at the Edo Specialist Hospital on Monday, marked by a clash between the State Security Service (SSS) personnel and private guards alongside members of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC). The altercation stemmed from perceived lapses in the professional conduct of medical staff at the government-owned health facility.

The incident transpired when the SSS urgently brought in a collapsed colleague who had fallen ill during a meeting at their office. The situation escalated, prompting a confrontation with private guards and NSCDC members. The intervention of police officers from the Oba Market Police Station and the Chief Security Officer of the Government House averted a more serious crisis, though injuries were sustained by some individuals, including private security guards and female NSCDC personnel.

Following the altercation, an unmarked white Hilux Van left the premises, transporting the suspected SSS personnel, still wearing a hospital jacket. An anonymous SSS official claimed that upon arriving at the hospital, the response was inadequate and lacked courtesy, emphasizing the need for assistance in transferring their colleague from the vehicle.

However, the Medical Director of the hospital, Dr. David Odiko, provided a different perspective. He clarified that the patient was promptly attended to by the doctor on duty, who, upon arrival, confirmed the individual’s unfortunate demise. Dr. Odiko, who was not present during the incident, highlighted that the doctor on duty found no signs of life in the patient despite resuscitation attempts. He further noted that there were disruptions caused by another group of personnel who, against the hospital’s protocol, moved the deceased into the facility, resulting in injuries to a Civil Defence personnel on duty.


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