FAAN Employs ‘Mystery Staff’ to Combat Extortion of Passengers at Airports

FAAN Employs 'Mystery Staff' to Combat Extortion of Passengers at Airports

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has taken a proactive measure to combat the extortion of air travelers by deploying “mystery staff” at various former international airports nationwide. In an effort to monitor both FAAN personnel and individuals from other agencies operating within these airports, Mr. Kabir Mohammed, the Managing Director of FAAN, revealed this initiative during a one-day sensitization program.

This strategic move aims to address the longstanding issue of passengers being subjected to extortion schemes at airports. The deployment of mystery staff underscores FAAN’s commitment to enhancing transparency and ensuring the welfare of air travelers. By closely monitoring the activities of airport personnel, the authority seeks to create an environment that fosters trust and prevents any form of unauthorized financial demands on passengers.

This development aligns with FAAN’s dedication to providing a secure and customer-friendly atmosphere within the aviation sector. The initiative is expected to contribute to a positive travel experience for passengers while reinforcing the integrity of airport operations.


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