FCTA Takes Down Hub for Forged Vehicle Papers in Mabushi

FCTA Takes Down Hub for Forged Vehicle Papers in Mabushi

On Wednesday, the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) took decisive action by dismantling a mini-market notorious for vehicle paper and document forgery. The mini-market, situated opposite the FCTA Directorate of Road Traffic Services headquarters in Mabushi, was reportedly a hub for fraudulent activities involving the production of fake vehicle papers and number plates in collaboration with some government staff.

Dr. Abdulatef Bello, the Director of DRTS, explained that numerous intelligence reports had highlighted the illicit activities occurring at the location. Displaying impounded vehicle papers and number plates, allegedly confiscated from some of the arrested suspects, Bello emphasized the threat these criminal elements posed to revenue and the safety of motorists and residents.

He urged the public to avoid patronizing illegal channels for vehicle registration and emphasized the government’s technologically-backed seamless registration platform. Bello stressed the significance of curbing such fraudulent activities for both revenue preservation and security, especially in the context of transitioning to e-enforcement.

Barrister Alexandre Owobi, claiming to be the manager of the open space property hosting the business centers, expressed concern over the lack of adequate notice from the development control department before the demolition. He asserted unawareness of criminal elements infiltrating the area, stating that no security agency had reported such concerns to him.


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