Fubara and Apostle Chibuzor Extend a Warm Welcome as Fufeyin Launches ‘Light Up Nigeria’ Crusade in Rivers

Fubara and Apostle Chibuzor Extend a Warm Welcome as Fufeyin Launches 'Light Up Nigeria' Crusade in Rivers

In a spectacular convergence of spiritual charisma and benevolence, Apostle Chibuzor of Omega Power Ministry (OPM) and Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State have extended a warm welcome to billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin in the enchanting city of Port-Harcourt. This momentous occasion unfolded against the backdrop of the ongoing “Light Up Nigeria” crusade, casting a radiant glow over the spiritual landscape of the Garden City.

Renowned for his altruistic endeavors that transcend geographical boundaries, Apostle Chibuzor graciously hosted the Billionaire Prophet. Together, they represented a powerful fusion of spiritual zeal and humanitarian commitment, paving the way for enlightenment and positive transformation.

The reverberations of excitement from Prophet Fufeyin’s recent crusade in Taraba State have swiftly spread across the nation, captivating the imagination of believers and non-believers alike. His unwavering dedication to the gospel, coupled with boundless acts of kindness, has become a beacon of hope for those facing life’s challenges.

As anticipation for the ‘Turn On Port-Harcourt For Christ’ crusade intensifies, the city’s residents find themselves immersed in exhilaration. The event promises not only a congregation of individuals but a collective experience poised to transcend the ordinary, offering profound hope and metamorphosis for all in attendance.

The impending gathering is more than a mere assembly; it is a convergence of spiritual fortitude and philanthropic fervor. Apostle Chibuzor, Governor Fubara, and Prophet Fufeyin are united in their mission to catalyze positive change and instigate a spiritual renaissance that echoes far beyond the city’s limits.

As Port-Harcourt prepares to be bathed in the illuminating aura of the ‘Turn On Port-Harcourt For Christ’ crusade, the air is charged with expectation. The collaborative efforts of these visionary leaders underscore not only a commitment to spiritual enlightenment but also a dedication to uplifting communities and fostering a shared journey towards hope and transformation.


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