Government Prohibits ‘Ghana Must Go’ Bags at Airports, Cites Reasons

Government Prohibits 'Ghana Must Go' Bags at Airports, Cites Reasons

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has officially prohibited the use of ‘Ghana Must Go’ sacks by passengers at all airports across the country. The circular, titled ‘Re: Prohibition of Usage Of Ghana Must Go,’ was signed by Henok Gizachew, the Manager of Airport Services at FAAN. The ban is specifically directed at passengers traveling through Nigeria’s international airports.

The rationale behind the ban is the significant financial losses incurred by airlines and damage to the airports’ conveyor belt systems due to the use of these sacks. Passengers intending to utilize ‘Ghana Must Go’ bags for travel must now have their items well-packaged in a carton or a hardcover of rectangular size.

The popularity of ‘Ghana Must Go’ bags among Nigerian travelers, known for their lightweight and high load capacity, has contributed to the breakdown of several airport conveyor belt systems. FAAN’s decision aims to address these issues and ensure the efficient functioning of airport facilities.


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