Interfering with Satellites Deemed an Act of War

Interfering with Satellites Deemed an Act of War

North Korea issued a stern warning, stating that any interference with its satellite operations would be regarded as a declaration of war. The country’s defense ministry spokesperson emphasized that Pyongyang would mobilize war deterrence measures if any attack on its strategic assets became imminent. The statement specifically mentioned a potential U.S. attempt to violate North Korea’s territory in space, indicating that the country would take responsive action measures, including disrupting or destroying U.S. spy satellites.

North Korea recently claimed to have successfully launched its first military spy satellite, sharing images of military installations in the U.S. mainland, Japan, and Guam. In response, the U.S. implemented fresh sanctions against North Korea, targeting foreign-based agents involved in sanctions evasion for the country’s weapons of mass destruction program.

The North Korean foreign ministry declared its intention to take necessary steps against individuals and organizations from the U.S. and its “vassal forces” that impose sanctions, arguing that such sanctions violate international law. Additionally, South Korea blacklisted 11 North Koreans involved in satellite and ballistic missile development.

Amid escalating tensions, North Korean state media published a commentary suggesting that the U.S., as the world’s leading satellite possessor, should be accountable for its actions in the region. The commentary criticized the U.S. for military exercises and the display of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in collaboration with Japan and South Korea.


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