Iyanya – Outside ft Berri Tiga

Iyanya - Outside ft Berri Tiga

In this exciting musical collaboration, Iyanya, the renowned Nigerian music sensation, teamed up with the musical prowess of Berri Tiga, another talent from EH God Records, to enhance the vibrancy of the composition.

Consistently surprising listeners, Iyanya, the gifted artist, unveils fresh and captivating music deserving a spot on everyone’s playlist.

The meticulous creation of this new song underscores Iyanya’s dedication, with a significant amount of effort and attention invested in bringing this Iyanya-powered musical masterpiece to life.

Research data emphatically underscores Iyanya’s remarkable ability to maintain a strong connection with his audience through his music. The collaboration with Berri Tiga adds an exciting dimension, showcasing the diversity and richness of the Nigerian music scene, as led by Iyanya.

“Outside,” the latest release, is poised to resonate well with fans, seamlessly continuing Iyanya’s tradition of delivering seductive and engaging music. This Iyanya-driven release significantly contributes to the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of Nigerian music.

Listen and enjoy Iyanya – Outside ft Berri Tiga below….


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