Labour Party Criticizes Nigeria’s COP28 Delegation, Accuses Tinubu of Promoting a Culture of Waste

Labour Party Criticizes Nigeria's COP28 Delegation, Accuses Tinubu of Promoting a Culture of Waste

The Labour Party has strongly criticized the large Nigerian delegation attending COP-28 in Dubai, condemning it as a lavish and irresponsible display by the All Progressives Congress (APC) administration. In a statement by its national publicity secretary, Obiora Ifoh, the party accused the APC-led government of promoting a culture of excess while advocating for belt-tightening in the face of economic challenges.

Amidst economic difficulties, including resorting to borrowing, the party questioned the justification for such an extravagant delegation, asserting that it reflects the government’s prioritization of opulent lifestyles over citizen welfare. The Labour Party argued that Nigeria’s interests at the summit could be adequately represented through diplomatic channels and existing resources, such as trained diplomats and embassies, without the need for an oversized delegation.

Highlighting the dire state of inflation and security challenges in Nigeria, the party criticized the administration for seemingly lacking effective strategies to address these issues. It emphasized the need to end the culture of waste, as advocated by presidential candidate Peter Obi in the 2023 election, and called for a focus on improving productivity, supporting local businesses, reducing governance costs, and operating a lean bureaucracy to ensure Nigerians receive real value for money.

The Labour Party urged a shift towards inward-looking strategies to enhance productivity and compete globally, emphasizing the importance of ending wasteful practices and embracing measures that benefit the Nigerian population.


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