Lagos Task Force Motorcycle Seizure Sparks Okada Riders’ Protest

Lagos Task Force Motorcycle Seizure Sparks Okada Riders' Protest

In the Alakija area of the state, a task force successfully removed Okada riders and impounded their motorcycles. The vehicles were confiscated and loaded onto the task force van. In response to the crackdown, disgruntled Okada riders initiated a protest, igniting a bonfire on the road as the van departed. The situation escalated when law enforcement officers intervened, deploying teargas to disperse the demonstrators.

The clash between the task force and the protesting Okada riders highlighted the tension surrounding the enforcement actions in the area. The removal of motorcycles and subsequent protests underscored the ongoing challenges and disputes between authorities and Okada riders, with clashes emerging as a recurring theme in the ongoing efforts to regulate and control motorcycle transportation in the region.


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