Law Enforcement Issues Stern Warning to Drivers Relying on Google Maps

Law Enforcement Issues Stern Warning to Drivers Relying on Google Maps

The Nigeria Police Force issued a renewed warning to drivers relying on Google Maps for navigation, emphasizing that those who violate traffic laws will be held accountable. Benjamin Hundeyin, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, addressed the issue following an incident involving a driver, Oyiga Michael, who was arrested for a traffic violation based on Google Map directions.

Michael, recounting the ordeal on social media, explained that the police accused him of using the wrong lane while following the Google Map route to Ijesha. Despite clarifying the situation and citing the map’s misguidance, the police detained him and impounded his car at the Cele Police Station. The officers allegedly demanded a payment of N30,000, which Michael couldn’t afford after attending a wedding.

In response to the incident, Hundeyin stressed that ignorance and reliance on Google Maps do not excuse traffic violations. He emphasized that law enforcement officers enforce laws made by the people and are not responsible for erecting road signs. Addressing the allegation of bribery, Hundeyin urged individuals not to pay bribes, clarifying that fines should be settled in court, not at a police station.

Acknowledging the mistake, Michael expressed regret and assured that he had learned from the experience. Hundeyin emphasized the importance of adhering to traffic laws and reiterated that justice would be served through legal channels. Michael later updated on social media that he was unharmed, but his car remained impounded, hoping for a favorable resolution when he returns to the police station on Monday.


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