Local Vigilantes Neutralize Notorious Kidnapper Dogo Oro in Kebbi State

Local Vigilantes Neutralize Notorious Kidnapper Dogo Oro in Kebbi State

In a significant security development, local vigilantes in Tunga village, situated in the Bunza Local Government Area of Kebbi, successfully eliminated the notorious kidnapper known as Dogo Oro on Friday, as reported by Ahmed Idris, the Chief Press Secretary to the State Governor. Idris disclosed that Dogo Oro had unleashed a wave of terror by indiscriminately attacking villagers with bows and arrows in a neighboring village, Kanzanna, on the same day.

In an official statement, Idris provided details of the operation, stating, “The security progress report indicated that today, 01/12/2023, from Tunga village in Tilli ward, Bunza local government, a notorious kidnapper called Dogo Oro, who was well known for terrorism in Bunza and Kalgo local government areas, was killed this morning by our men, the vigilantes at Tunga area.” Oro had a notorious history of kidnapping innocent villagers and demanding ransom, instilling distress and fear among local residents.

The successful intervention by local vigilantes has brought a palpable sense of relief to the affected communities. Residents can now resume their normal daily activities without the constant fear for their safety or property. Idris lauded the dedication and bravery of the vigilantes, recognizing their invaluable support to other security forces. He also expressed gratitude for Governor Nasir Idris’s unwavering commitment to addressing security challenges across various council areas.

Highlighting the state’s determination to combat banditry and criminality, Idris assured that regular security meetings and logistical support for security personnel would be prioritized across all security agencies. This commitment reflects the state’s proactive approach to effectively tackle security issues and ensure the safety and well-being of its residents.


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