Masterkraft ft. Joeboy & Majeed – Fruit

Masterkraft ft. Joeboy & Majeed – Fruit

Masterkraft, an exceptionally versatile Nigerian record producer, recently released a brand new track titled “Fruit.” It’s worth highlighting that the renowned Nigerian vocalists Majeed and Joeboy collaborated on this exciting project by Masterkraft, showcasing their exceptional performances in the song “Fruit.” Masterkraft’s latest musical creation is truly a testament to his artistic prowess and innovation in the music industry. If you’re a fan of Masterkraft’s work, “Fruit” is a must-listen for a delightful experience curated by the masterful producer himself, Masterkraft.

Masterkraft, a prolific Nigerian record producer, stands as a luminary in the music industry, known for his unparalleled creativity and versatile production skills. His sonic mastery has consistently elevated the Nigerian music scene, earning him acclaim both locally and internationally. Collaborating with him on his latest project, “Fruit,” are two exceptional Nigerian musicians, Majeed and Joeboy. Majeed brings his soulful vocal prowess, while Joeboy adds his distinct flair to the musical tapestry. Together, this trio represents a synergy of talent, promising a musical journey that transcends genres and captivates audiences with the unique touch of Masterkraft’s production prowess.

Listen to “Fruit” by Masterkraft ft. Joeboy & Majeed below…


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