Miyetti Allah Questions Sunday Igboho’s Release – “Were You Freed To Start Madness Again?

Miyetti Allah Questions Sunday Igboho's Release – Were You Freed To Start Madness Again

Miyetti Allah leader, Bodejo, emphasized the constitutional right of every Nigerian citizen to reside and engage in lawful activities anywhere in the country. Speaking on Friday, he asserted that some individuals were attempting to exploit Sunday Igboho’s actions to exacerbate tensions. Bodejo highlighted that Nigeria’s constitution guarantees freedom of movement for all citizens and cautioned against using Igboho to disrupt the peace.

Bodejo expressed concern over Igboho’s actions, attributing them to a desire for Yoruba heroism. He urged Igboho to recognize the constitutional framework that permits individuals to live anywhere in the nation, emphasizing that any criminal conduct should be addressed through legal channels. Noting the loss of lives and property among the Fulani community, Bodejo called upon the president to intervene through security agencies and bring Igboho under control.

He underscored the need for Igboho to consider the intelligence and wisdom of Yoruba elders, highlighting that the current president is also Yoruba. Bodejo’s appeal to maintain constitutional order and address grievances through legal means aimed to quell tensions and restore harmony in the affected region.


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