PDP Youth Leader Encourages SDP’s Ajaka to Embrace Kogi Election Outcome

PDP Youth Leader Encourages SDP's Ajaka to Embrace Kogi Election Outcome

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Youth Leader in Kogi State has called upon the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to stand firm against the criticisms of Alhaji Muritala Ajaka and the Social Democratic Party (SDP) amidst the ongoing legal disputes. Despite the challenges, the Youth Leader from Kabba Bunu LGA affirmed the election’s fairness, freedom, and credibility during a protest held at the INEC headquarters in Lokoja.

While leading over a thousand youths from across the state, the PDP Youth Leader commended INEC for organizing a peaceful and violence-free election. He specifically praised the conduct of the election and urged SDP’s Governorship Candidate to respect the will of the people. The protest aimed to denounce the threats made by the SDP and Muritala Ajaka to burn down INEC, labeling it as a direct assault on democracy.

Speaking during the protest, Oluwakayode Emmanuel emphasized the historical significance of the peaceful election in Kogi State. He commended Sen. Dino Melaye, the PDP’s Governorship Candidate, for accepting the election outcome without challenging it in the Tribunal. Emmanuel expressed concern over Muritala Ajaka’s attempt to create chaos and urged INEC not to succumb to intimidation by the SDP.

The PDP Youth Leader called on security agencies, the Presidency, and even prominent political figures like President Ahmed Bola Tinubu to intervene and restrain Alhaji Muritala Ajaka. He emphasized that the people of Kogi State would resist any attempt to undermine their democratic choices, stressing that the election was the best the state had ever experienced. In conclusion, the Youth Leader urged the SDP to follow the PDP’s example, avoid escalating tensions, and acknowledge the credibility of INEC’s conduct in the election.


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