Peter Obi Calls on Federal Government to Eliminate Child Labour and Human Trafficking

Obi Calls on Federal Government to Eliminate Child Labour and Human Trafficking

Presidential hopeful Peter Obi, representing the Labour Party, has called upon the Federal Government and pertinent stakeholders to eradicate modern-day slavery. In a statement shared on his X handle on Saturday, commemorating the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, the former Anambra State Governor emphasized the urgent need for concerted efforts to terminate instances of child labor, sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and to reinstate the dignity of distressed Nigerians.

Peter Obi decried the prevalence of modern-day slavery within Nigeria’s borders and the exportation of citizens into such conditions. He attributed the surge in insecurity and high poverty rates to the alarming increase in reported cases of individuals forced into child labor and various forms of sexual exploitation.

Citing the Walk Free Organisation’s 2023 Global Slavery Index report, Peter Obi highlighted that, in 2021, an estimated 1.6 million individuals lived in modern slavery in Nigeria. The report ranked Nigeria fifth out of 51 African countries and 38 out of 160 globally in terms of the prevalence of modern slavery. Additionally, he referenced Innovations for Poverty Action’s publication, which estimated that one million Nigerians are trafficked annually, solidifying Nigeria’s status as a major source, hub, and destination for human trafficking.

Against this backdrop, Peter Obi urged the Nigerian government and stakeholders to intensify their efforts in eradicating the shameful practice and societal scourge of slavery. He stressed that only through a collective commitment could the nation truly embody the ideals of being “bound in freedom,” as expressed in the National Anthem. Conclusively, Peter Obi asserted that the new Nigeria should be a land where the dignity of all citizens is upheld, emphasizing that any form of slavery has no place in the envisioned future of the country.


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