Primate Ayodele Unveils Spiritual Essence of Governor Akeredolu’s Ailment and Prescribes Remedial Solution

Primate Ayodele Unveils Spiritual Essence of Governor Akeredolu's Ailment and Prescribes Remedial Solution

Primate Elijah Ayodele, leader of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, has emphasized that the health challenges afflicting Governor Rotimi Akeredolu require a spiritual remedy. In a statement conveyed by his spokesperson, Oluwatosin Osho, Primate Ayodele asserted that Akeredolu’s ailment possesses a predominantly spiritual nature and urged the need for collective prayers for his recovery.

Highlighting the urgency of divine intervention, the statement underscored the imperative for Akeredolu’s return to office and the preservation of his political authority. Primate Ayodele cautioned against the potential severity of the illness, suggesting that it could render the governor incapacitated if timely spiritual measures are not taken.

Emphasizing the non-political nature of the situation, Primate Ayodele warned against exploiting Akeredolu’s health for political gains. Instead, he urged the governor’s family and well-wishers to prioritize seeking divine guidance, emphasizing that the paramount need at this juncture is for prayers to facilitate Akeredolu’s restoration.

These statements come amid escalating concerns about Governor Akeredolu’s health, compelling him to remain absent from the state in recent times.


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