Shettima Inaugurates Anambra Meter Factory with Aim to Produce 1.4 Million Meters Annually

Shettima Inaugurates Anambra Meter Factory with Aim to Produce 1.4 Million Meters Annually

Vice President Kashim Shettima marked a significant step in addressing Nigeria’s persistent power challenges by inaugurating the Advanced Energy Management Solutions, an electric energy meter manufacturing factory in Anambra State. The factory, unveiled on Thursday, aims to contribute to economic development in the energy sector and produce a substantial 1.4 million meters annually.

Shettima emphasized the importance of this initiative in reducing the prevalent shortage of prepaid meters across the country. He expressed confidence that the establishment of the factory would play a pivotal role in tackling the nation’s power supply challenges by addressing the critical issue of the substantial metering gap among consumers. Furthermore, he commended the move as a response to the Federal Government’s call for both local and foreign investors to invest in Nigeria, generate employment opportunities, and stimulate economic activities nationwide.

CEO Okechukwu Onyejiuwa, speaking at the inauguration, underscored the factory’s annual production capacity of 1.4 million meters and its commitment to alleviating the power shortage. He highlighted the facility’s advanced capabilities, equipped with cutting-edge machinery to manufacture a diverse range of smart energy meters, including Single Phase, Three Phase, and Maximum Demand Meters. Onyejiuwa emphasized the factory’s alignment with national and international standards, reinforcing its role in supporting the government’s initiatives to resolve the country’s power supply issues. The inauguration represents a crucial step towards a more sustainable and reliable energy infrastructure in Nigeria.


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