Tinubu Confronts New Legal Challenge, Taken to Supreme Court for Alleged “Unlawful Inauguration”

Tinubu Confronts New Legal Challenge, Taken to Supreme Court for Alleged "Unlawful Inauguration"

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is entangled in a renewed legal battle as he faces accusations of unlawfully assuming the presidency amid an ongoing legal contest over the 2023 presidential poll. Chief Albert Ambrose Owuru, a presidential candidate in the 2019 general election, has initiated legal proceedings aiming to notify the inauguration of Tinubu as the winner of the 2023 presidential election by the apex bank.

Owuru contends that Tinubu’s self-declaration as President undermines the rule of law and, citing Lis Pendens, argues that Tinubu should not have presented himself for inauguration while involved in the ongoing Supreme Court suit. Owuru, who previously sought a court order declaring him the constitutional winner of the 2019 election, is now joined by Tinubu as an interested party in the legal proceedings.

The lawsuit, originating from Owuru’s contention in the 2019 presidential election on the Hope Democratic Party platform, alleges that Tinubu’s claim to the presidency is affected by the doctrine of Lis Pendens. Owuru, through a fresh motion served on Tinubu, seeks a Supreme Court order restraining the respondents, particularly Tinubu, from operating the Federation Account until the constitutional questions against the 2023 election are resolved.

Owuru argues that Tinubu’s actions, including his purported inauguration, violate the doctrine of Lis Pendens, emphasizing that no party should alter the subject matter before the court during ongoing legal proceedings. The statement issued by Owuru, alongside the civil group Hope Africa Foundation, underscores the importance of awaiting the outcome of existing legal proceedings before determining the authenticity of the 2023 presidential election outcome. Despite previous dismissals and appeals, the legal tussle continues, prompting a call for patience among Nigerians for the due and early resolution of these complex issues surrounding the presidency.


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