Tinubu Unveils Fleet of 100 Electric Buses in Groundbreaking Initiative

Tinubu Unveils Fleet of 100 Electric Buses in Groundbreaking Initiative

President Bola Tinubu declared Nigeria’s decisive stride towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future through the groundbreaking initiative to introduce a fleet of 100 electric buses. The announcement was made during a meeting with stakeholders and investors in Dubai at the COP28 climate summit. Tinubu emphasized the program’s aim to diminish Nigeria’s carbon footprint and modernize its transportation systems, positioning the nation as a pioneer in green manufacturing and industrialization, with a focus on natural gas and renewable energy sources.

Appointing two co-chairs for the Nigeria Carbon Market Activation Plan, Tinubu named Zacch Adedeji, Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), and Dahiru Salisu, Director-General of the National Council on Climate Change (NCCC). This strategic move aligns with Nigeria’s commitment to environmental stewardship and collaboration with the Africa Carbon Market Initiative.

Tinubu highlighted the visionary plan’s role in attracting carbon market investments, outlining a commitment to standardized and sustainable industrial practices. Beyond a mere pilot project, the president assured investors that this initiative represents the beginning of ambitious plans for a carbon-neutral future.

Acknowledging the global collaboration required to address climate challenges, Tinubu urged other nations to emulate Nigeria’s approach, emphasizing Africa’s role as an innovative solution provider. The FIRS chairman, Adedeji, commended Tinubu’s visionary leadership and pledged the committee’s commitment to implementing efficient policies for sustainable carbon market growth.

Describing the electric bus rollout as a tangible symbol of Nigeria’s commitment, Adedeji outlined the country’s plans for innovative, clean, and sustainable initiatives across diverse sectors. This comprehensive approach, backed by technical partners, aims to serve as a blueprint for countries aspiring to develop and catalyze markets for sustainable growth.


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