Umahi Reveals Strategy for Revamping and Building Roads in Kogi State, Applauds Ododo for Election Triumph

Umahi Reveals Strategy for Revamping and Building Roads in Kogi State, Applauds Ododo for Election Triumph

The Minister of Works, Engr. Dave Umahi, announced that his ministry has obtained swift approval from the Presidency to initiate the construction and rehabilitation of federal roads in Kogi State. The revelation came during a meeting at Umahi’s office in Mabushi, Abuja, where he detailed the strategies in place to expedite the projects seamlessly.

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State and the governor-elect, Ahmed Usman Ododo, expressed gratitude to Senator Umahi for his instrumental support in securing victory in the November 11 governorship election. Governor Bello, anticipating Ododo’s inauguration on January 27, 2024, conveyed confidence in the governor-elect’s commitment to advancing significant infrastructure development in Kogi State, bolstering the All Progressives Congress (APC) and fostering pride among the populace.

Senator Umahi, congratulating Governor-elect Ododo, underscored the victory as a reflection of the people’s desire for continuity and consolidation in Kogi State. He praised Governor Bello’s achievements across sectors such as road construction, education, and health infrastructure, expressing confidence in Ododo’s ability to build upon these successes. Umahi urged the governor-elect to fulfill campaign promises, maintaining the trust placed in him by the people and the party.

Highlighting ongoing projects like the Ganaja Road rehabilitation, the minister revealed a shift towards concrete-based structures to align with the Federal Government’s commitment to durable roads in Nigeria. Governor-elect Ododo reassured Senator Umahi of his dedication to the people’s trust, expressing gratitude for the minister’s support and pledging to strengthen the state-federal relationship through the Ministry of Works. Ododo affirmed his administration’s readiness to actualize the infrastructure master plan for Kogi as laid down by the current administration.


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